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                The latest addition to our L-Series Wheel Loader line  – the 444L, 644L, 644L Hybrid, and 724L – completes the L-Series Utility Wheel Loader rollout. They lead the way with new front-end features and an all-new cab and controls. Enhancements over previous models include near-parallel lift, a more spacious operator station, ergonomic electrohydraulic (EH) controls, and new bucket and linkage designs. L-Series Loaders make it easier to get work done.

                Features & Benefits

                Expanded EH control

                Easily enable and adjust these electrohydraulic (EH) functions through the monitor: EH Precision Mode, soft hydraulic stops for boom and bucket, boom and bucket aggressiveness, and presets for up to 10 attachments. Two industry-exclusive multifunction buttons can each be programmed to handle 10 functions selected through the LCD monitor.

                Near-parallel lift

                Lift path on all Z-Bar linkages is now near parallel. Better load-leveling capability compared to K-Series models minimizes load rollback, reduces material spillage, and requires fewer annual adjustments.

                All-new cab

                The 444L, 644L, and 724L deliver loads of comfort, with more legroom, storage, and power ports; and a more efficient HVAC system than previous models. The optional premium cab has a heated/ventilated seat.

                644L Hybrid

                The 644L Hybrid model teams a purpose-built four-speed hybrid-electric transmission with an EPA /Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV PowerTech™ engine to squeeze the most of every drop of fuel.

                New Mid-Size Models

                125-275 HP Wheel Loaders

                444L Mid-Size Wheel Loader on a plain white background

                444L Wheel Loader

                Net Power: 124 hp
                Operating Weight: 25,814–27,670 lb.
                Bucket Capacity: 2.5–4.5 cu. yd.

                644L Wheel Loader on a plain white background

                644L Wheel Loader

                Net Power: 249 hp
                Operating Weight: 41,246–42,913 lb.
                Bucket Capacity: 4.0–4.75 cu. yd.

                644L Hybrid Wheel Loader on a plain white background

                644L Hybrid Wheel Loader

                Net Power: 231 hp
                Operating Weight: 41,571–43,430 lb.
                Bucket Capacity: 4.0–4.75 cu. yd.

                724L Wheel Loader on a plain white background

                724L Wheel Loader

                Net Power: 268 hp
                Operating Weight: 43,707–45,103 lb.
                Bucket Capacity: 4.0–5.0 cu. yd.