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                Gator? Utility Vehicles

                Run With Us on a Gator™ UTV

                Because you don't need just any side-by-side. You need a cargo box that performs under heavy stress and extreme conditions. A suspension backed by 180 years of John Deere reliability. And an engine that hustles, with or without a full load in the back. Explore more to find the right balance of power, speed, and durability in your Gator Utility Task Vehicle.

                Work Series Gator? UTVs

                The Work Series

                Strong value, cargo capacity, and durability make the the Work Series a prime candidate for all of your toughest jobs.

                • Up to 1,200-lb cargo capacity
                • Available in 2WD, 4WD, and 6-wheel design
                • Gas, diesel, and electric options
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                Mid Size Gator? UTVs

                Mid-Size Crossover XUVs

                Nimble, powerful, with plenty of pick up, our Mid-Size XUVs punch well above their weight for farmers, hunters, and trail riders.

                • Up to 500-lb cargo capacity
                • 4WD with independent suspension
                • 2 or 4 passenger
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                Full Size Gator? UTVs

                Full-Size Crossover XUVs

                Our biggest, baddest, most comfortable Gator XUVs, the Full-Size Series is built to do what a truck can, in places that a truck can't.

                • 2000-lb towing capacity
                • Optional cab with heat and A/C
                • 2-, 3-, or 4-passenger
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                High Performance Gator? UTVs

                High Performance Side-By-Sides

                The High Performance Series offers premium speed, handling, and horsepower for those with white knuckles under their work gloves.

                • Top speed of 60 mph
                • 500-lb cargo capacity
                • 4WD with up to 1,200-lb towing capacity

                Special Offers and Financing Options

                for Gator? Utility Vehicles

                View offers for Gator? Utility Vehicles Apply online for consumer financing

                Which Gator? UTV is Right for You?

                STEP 1 OF 8: JOB TYPE

                What types of jobs are you performing?

                What types of jobs are you performing?
                Farming and Ranching
                Trail Riding, Fishing, and Hunting
                Property Management
                Job Site/Construction
                People Transportion (up to 4 passengers)

                Explore More Utility Vehicles

                special applications gator image

                Military & Special Application Vehicles

                Custom engineered to provide heavy-duty, reliable backup for first responders and active duty military, our Special Application and Military UTVs are field-tested and built to serve.

                studio image of 202A Progator

                Turf Utility Vehicles

                The Gator Turf Utility Vehicles are engineered for the long haul, with heavy-duty gas, diesel, and electric models, especially designed for Sports, Golf, and Turf applications.

                Additional Gator Utility Vehicle Resources

                *Manufacturer's suggested price in USD. MSRP may be different in California. Shown with optional equipment not included in the price. Attachments and implements sold separately. Taxes, destination charge, freight, setup, and delivery not included. Equipment, models, features, options, attachments and prices may vary by dealer. John Deere reserves the right to change specifications, model features, design, and price of the products described here without notice.