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                Photo of John Deere planter in field

                Planters & Planting Equipment

                Plant for success

                John Deere offers an entire portfolio that takes every producer into account – the crop you grow, the topography of your land, the size of your operation, the likes and dislikes you’ve shared. You’ll find just about every possible planter product or feature available.

                John Deere Drawn planter in field

                Drawn Planters

                Versatile. Scalable.
                Cover more acres with flexibility and productivity, even in no-till situations.

                John Deere mounted planter in field

                Mounted Planters

                Compact. Economical.
                These mounted planters offer an affordable option for planting in conventional and reduced-till conditions.

                DB60 Planter in field

                DB Planters

                Large acres. All-purpose.
                Finish the job faster with these acre-hungry drawn planters. Available in ten configurations with widths from 44 to 120 feet.

                DR16 Planter in field

                DR Planters

                Customizable. Stack-Fold Technology.
                Name your configuration. The Deere-Orthman DR Series mounted planters specialize in flexibility to match those ever-special designs you need.

                image of tractor moving planter

                New Compact 1745 Planter

                Take the narrow road to better results at harvest. Introducing the new 1745 Planter, the small split-row planter perfect for smaller fields.

                • Save a reported 4.3% in seed costs.*
                • Yield an extra 10 bushels per acre.**
                • Pull with older, smaller tractors.
                • Transport easily on narrow roads.
                • Pivot-folds in only 40 seconds.

                * Runge, Max, et al. “Automatic section control technology for row crop planters.” Alabama A&M & Auburn Universities ANR-2217, Oct. 2014 ** Coronel, Eric, and Tom Mueller. “Does banding N at or near planting increase corn yield compared to broadcast?” John Deere Internal Literature Review, May 2017

                close up of exact rate

                New ExactRate? Liquid Fertilizer System

                Fertilize as you plant – exactly. ExactRate is the new factory-installed integrated solution that matches the capability of our ExactEmerge™ and MaxEmerge™ 5e planters. Plant and apply nutrients up to 10 mph (16 km/h) and adjust rates to match your ground speed automatically. Turn compensation improves nutrient placement along curves.

                Compatible models:

                1775NT 12Row30, 1775NT 16Row30, 1775NT 24Row30, 1795 23or24Row12, 1795 24Row20, 1795 31or32Row15DB60 24Row30, DB60 36Row20, DB60 24Row Split 47 or 48, DB66 36Row22, DB44 24Row22

                Planter Row Units and Performance Upgrade Kits

                Pair your planter with the best row unit for your needs to improve seed placement, spacing and emergence.

                John Deere ExactEmerge™ Virtual Tour

                Accurate at your speed. Whatever that may be. Go deep into the heart of this revolutionary technology and learn what makes ExactEmerge different from any other row unit.

                MaxEmerge? 5 Virtual Tour

                See what went into the most versatile row unit on the market in this animated clip.

                MaxEmerge? 5e - Electric Drive Row Unit

                This electric drive row unit enables curve compensation and can be ordered with Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce, Pneumatic Closing Wheels and Easy Adjust Row Cleaners.

                Put Precision Ag to work for you all year long

                Maximize Your Yield Potential

                Knowing what it takes to get the most out of your planter to maximize yield potential is only half the battle. Having a planter that can actually perform the task is the other half. In our 2016 planting solutions video, we lay out just what it takes to get the job done.

                Image of university study logo

                No Speed Limit

                A well-regarded University conducted a study recently using ExactEmerge™ in a single trial to determine if there are any negative impacts to planting at higher speeds. And now you can view the report for yourself to see how we truly have married speed and accuracy.

                Additional Resources